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A Time of Change

We would like to apologize greatly for the lack of updates coming your way. A few things have happened behind the scenes that changes a lot of things.

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Talk To Me is Fully Funded!

You heard that right – the Kickstarter for Talk To Me got successfully funded! 146 of you pledged $4,977 to the project, and we can’t thank you enough. Give yourselves a pat on the back!

From the latest KS Update:

So what happens now? 

Super exciting… administrative stuff. We’re still going to be working on the game behind the scenes, because as you know, we have never stopped.

However, we need to get some things in order in regards to our scheduling, since the Kickstarter has taken so, so much work and things have stalled a little bit on the development side.

Don’t worry, though! We’ll keep you updated with how everything is going at least once a week on our website.

You can also follow our Twitter for now.

We should be getting in touch with you within a fortnight to talk about your rewards, whether these are physical or digital.

This would not have been possible without your help and support.

Thank you for helping make our little game a reality, you have no idea what it means to all of us.

Stay tuned!

#yaoijam and The Kickstarter

So sorry I’ve been so horribly neglectful with updating our actual main site.

We’ve been really busy behind the scenes. We’ve been working on Talk to Me’s kickstarter, which is currently at 53 %. If you wanted to have a look at that, here’s the link. We still need all the help we can get! We have 13 days to go and we’re still a bit off quota. You can find out more about that project on the link, along with a bunch of updates and art previews.

Yaoi Jam Introducing Heatwave

We finally have a name for our Yaoi Jam game.



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Talk to Me Development Blog # 1

The Writing Ohh, boy.

I started writing Talk to Me in November, actually, as part of Nanowrimo. Except I didn’t set out to write a novel — I recently had and I was a bit bored with the story-telling limitations of one. Some heavy shit was going down in my personal life. And I was really into Alterego, which I’ve always been into anyway, so I wanted to try to tell my own choose your own adventure kind of story.

I’ve always been into dating sims, too, but when I was growing up, they were full on misogynist fuckfests. I played Katawa Shoujo when it came out and I found it pretty bad. The writing isn’t terrible or anything, I liked the inclusive nature of the work, but it fell flat. Or rather the idea of it being an inclusive visual novel — I’m sure enough has been written about the problematic nature of it. I also played a couple of dating sims growing up where part of scoring points with the targets was about giving them the right presents or dressing them up the right way or saying exactly the right thing. And saying exactly the right thing was always incredibly predictable and incredibly boring.

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Our Yaoi Jam Project

Because we don’t have enough things to do, we decided to take on Yaoi Jam.

What is Yaoi Jam? I’ll let the site speak for itself.

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