So sorry I’ve been so horribly neglectful with updating our actual main site.

We’ve been really busy behind the scenes. We’ve been working on Talk to Me’s kickstarter, which is currently at 53 %. If you wanted to have a look at that, here’s the link. We still need all the help we can get! We have 13 days to go and we’re still a bit off quota. You can find out more about that project on the link, along with a bunch of updates and art previews.

Yaoi Jam Introducing Heatwave

We finally have a name for our Yaoi Jam game.



Now if we only had a complete script, sprites, etc. etc. Like I said, there’s no chance we’re completing Yaoi Jam on time, but we’re very excited to actually complete it — even if it’s a couple of months late. Since Talk to Me takes priority and the Kickstarter has been so. much. work., we’ve kind of let it slide a little more than we should.

But never fear! There’s still plenty of beautiful art to show you guys, courtesy of Bai Yu, our GUI artist, Bai Yu, our sprite artist, and Dark Chibi Shadow [NSFW], our background artist.

Sprite Bases

13621350_1246464755364663_998198680_o 13579786_1246304355380703_1179501818_o 13555839_1246305058713966_422726168_o


banquet hall_night (1)

princess room

Stay tuned for a script and GUI update next week!