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Summer Holiday

Summer is an event planner.

Fun and bubbly, her fun demeanor usually makes people forget that Summer is one of the most ambitious, driven people out there, despite her complicated past.

Jasmin Rosales

Jasmin is a bartender at the Lucky Lounge.

Some people would say she’s pretty shy, but mostly she’s just really exhausted. She works a lot. So you better be interesting if you want her to spend any of her precious time talking to you.

Evan Park

Evan is the librarian.

He is one of Ordell’s only friends in town. He’s mostly really nice, and everyone likes him, but Evan has his secrets…

Alayna Lott

Alayna is the park warden.

She’s a current biology student and she spends her free-time lobbying for endangered species, trying to get people to clean after themselves instead of littering, hanging out with Evan and defying expectations.

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