Talk To Me is a plot-driven romantic visual novel with an LGBTQ+ cast that explores themes of mental health, loss, and identity. There is one male and four female love interests. While it is presented as a dating simulator game, please note that it is not, in fact, a dating simulator.

The game is designed to be hard, in the sense that the outcomes of your choices may not be clear until much later down the road. There’s also no stereotypical way to win any of the characters over.  There are no typical “bad” endings or “good” endings. Just endings.

You play as Ordell, a 20-something year old guy that is trying to navigate a recent tragedy in his life.

Guide him through his life and decide on its outcome.

The game features:

• Over 85k words of interactive fiction. The game can be completed in one sitting, but can also be saved for your convenience. One full playthrough can take anything from 1 to 3 hours.

• Nearly 600 unique encounters. Different encounters will be available to you depending on the choices that you make .

• 20 different outcomes See how your choices have affected your lifestyle

Please keep in mind that this is an early release version and it could be affected by bugs and other issues. If you see anything wrong, please contact me on twitter @LMLangleyauthor.

The Characters

Ordell Character Pic

Evan Character Pic

Al Character Pic

Jas Character Pic

Liberty Character Pic

Summer Character Pic

Syl Character Pic

Rhi Character Pic

Download the demo here!